ANNIE CREEK, Crater Lake National Park, Klamath County. This stream, together with Annie Spring, which is its principal source, was named for Miss Annie Gaines in 1865. She and Mrs. 0. T. Brown were the first white women to descend to the waters of Crater Lake. She always spelled her name Annie. Miss Gaines was later Mrs. Augustus C. Schwatka of Salem, hence a sister-in-law of Frederick Schwatka, the arctic explorer. Authorities at one time used the spelling Anna, but the USBGN has officially adopted the style Annie.

ANOKA, Columbia County. This post office was situated on the Ralph Rogers homestead on Pebble Creek two or three miles above an earlier office called Pebble. The only postmaster at Anoka was Mrs. Ralph Rogers, the same person as Mrs. Lou A. Rogers, mother of Nelson Rogers, Oregon's state forester. The office was in service from August 9, 1902, until April 30, 1907. Omar C. Spencer reports that the office was named at the request of one Randolph, who had had post office experience at Anoka, the well known place in Minnesota on the Mississippi River, a little upstream frdm Minneapolis. There are several places of this name in the United States. Anoka is obviously an Indian word and it is said to mean "on both sides of".

ANTELOPE, Wasco County. Antelope Valley was probably named in 1862 by members of the party of Joseph H. Sherar, while packing supplies into the John Day mines. See Bancroft's History of Oregon, volume I, page 787. There were many antelope in central Oregon in pioneer days, hence the name. Antelope post office was established August 7, 1871, and Howard Maupin was first postmaster, the office taking its name from the valley. In 1862 the Sherar party also named Muddy Creek, Cherry, Burnt Ranch and laid the foundation for Bakeoven.

ANTHONY LAKES, Baker and Union counties. These lakes form a source of Anthony Fork, a tributary of North Powder River. The lakes were at one time known as North Powder Lakes, but the USBGN has officially decided on Anthony Lakes. The compiler has been unable to get the origin of the name Anthony. A post office called Anthony was in service in Baker County from 1903 to 1907, but the compiler does not know its location.

ANTLER, Lake County. Antler was a pioneer post office in Lake County that went out of service many years ago. In October, 1945, J. 0. Jewett of the Lake County Examiner-Tribune was kind enough to look into the history of this office and as a result, was able to report as follows: "The first Antler post office was established in December, 1875, with B. S. Chandler postmaster. Chandler was a native of Ohio and an early settler in Wisconsin and served in the Civil War. Chandler State Park bears his name. The post office was in the Crooked Creek district about a half mile north of the present ranchhouse of Dr. W. Hayden Fisk of Lakeview, and in 1945 the remains of the old log cabin still stand there, about fifteen miles north of Lakeview. This office was operated until April, 1879. Later, citizens living in that community wanted to reroute the stage line to include a stop there, so it was necessary to reestablish the office. This was done in November, 1891, with R. A. Paxton postmaster. This office was a few miles further north on Loveless Creek about the site of the present Fred Reynolds ranch. This office was closed in October, 1892." While there is no direct evidence as to the origin of the name, it is probable that Mr. Chandler had some deer horns on the premises, possibly nailed above the front door of the cabin.

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